Welcome to NIXIM Motorsim


Are you ready to move up from Console racing games?, are you ready for the challenge of real racing on professional standard racing simulators? We have many real race drivers who come to NIXIM Motorsim to practice for their next real race meeting on many of the worlds real tracks – that’s the quality of the experience and equipment we have here.
Many professional teams (including most F1 teams) use rFactor software in their simulators for practice and testing parts, you can drive the same software here at NIXIM Motorsim. Professional teams use simulators for practice – they do not use Go Karts.
Of course if you are simply just looking for some motorised fun then we can do that for you too. You tell us what level of fun or realism you want and we can set it up for you.

Yes you are driving a simulator and no the seat does not move, but we know from experience (and we have more than most), that the Simulators at NIXIM Motorsim will probably be the best and most realistic you will have ever driven.
Nobody has ever gone away from NIXIM Motorsim without being truly impressed.

We can assure you that when you are sat in your car on the start grid with your friends or relatives on the grid with you – you will have those butterflies in your tummy as you anticipate the green light and get ready for the start of the race.
Yes you are indeed driving the car through a simulator, but take it from us the racing itself is as real as any racing on any real track and we have seen some truly exciting nail biting racing here at NIXIM Motorsim.

What’s more is that anyone can try it, young or old, male or female, it does not seem to matter what your experience is – even if you have never driven a car or played a racing game.
You cannot break anything and you cannot get hurt. Simracing does require high levels of concentration, but is not physically strenuous as say Karting is

Close to junction 3 off the M18 motorway, you can arrive and drive but best give us a call an hour before you get here to check on availability.

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